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So another new month is here without any projects.

2014-08-03 23:00:31 by Animal-Delos

Still looking to do some VA work since getting my new (and expensive) recording equpiment and programs...

I wouldn't say I'm picky but I do sort of want to work with reputable people who have at least a couple projects under their belt so I know there is less chance of things 'falling through' as they have in the past (and even WITH reputable projects things still have a tendency to fall through sometimes).

That and it would help get my name out there more too so that I could actually start to build a reputation and get to the level of everyone else I know. I mean even if I'm going to University to get an MBA and eventually be in a position of making a ridiculous sum of money each year... (which I guess I could then build/hire a studio to do whatever that I could then do stuff for or pull a Tyrese Gibson and just pay a studio a large sum of money to give me a leading role in something that can slingshot my career further. As I still would love to do VA as a career even if it is as a side career to what will be my career which will actually pay my bills.

Anyway I know I've had a rough past but I've done a lot to improve myself and fix everything I can and I just hope things can go smoother in the future. I mean I know there's projects out there happening all the time that are big and I mean those really big (and perhaps a little overused, I don't mean that in offense anyway I mean they're very good VAs what I mean is) have to be too busy to do ALL these projects at once, right? That there's gotta be room and openings for other, newer (or perhaps not so new but just not as prevalent or well-known as the big ones) VAs to get a chance to do some decent things?


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