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Entry #1

Alright so here goes nothing.

2013-09-01 12:35:08 by Animal-Delos

So I'll see if I can't get back into the swing of things...

Those of you who may know me for the work I had done in the Devil-slayer/Necropolis/etc series as Dimitri Elixir, the token white dude of the series whose looks changed as often as people do clothes. this one had more actual work but be warned that if your volume isn't down there is loud woman screaming that can shatter monitors and make eardrums bleed.

I also did Bill Gates in this flash: having tried to mimic the voice from the South Park movie.

I also did the klan-looking dude in this: I barely remember that though... and no not the black dude after the robe is removed XD that was not me

Gonna have to work on a demo, just bought a new mic so hopefully that's gonna be the first step to things.


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